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Industrial scales are integral to production facilities and manufacturers the world over, but only if the scales function at their optimum.

That’s why sourcing this equipment from a trusted supplier is key for maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction. We sell and rent scales that give our clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
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We offer a wide variety of brand-name scales, and financing options, that make it easy to find the right equipment to optimize operations for all budgets. We have product catalogs and facilitate the preview of scales before clients make a purchase. Our representatives have years of experience and understand product details, giving clients the insight needed to make effective purchasing decisions. Whether clients need scales that are durable, precise or high-end, we have the resources to meet end-user requirements.

Scales we sell range from milligram laboratory balance scales to 200,000lb+ truck / rail scales.
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When buying isn't a feasible option we offer scale rentals at affordable rates that can make a difference in manufacturing operations in real-time. Rental periods of daily, weekly and monthly are available and we will deliver and set up calibrated scales/weighing equipment. For clients that just need scales for seasonal reasons, or for projects that require extra equipment, we are ready to help. Our personnel tailor agreements to meet clients’ needs. Renting has a number of benefits relative to purchasing, especially when you’re sourcing from a trusted partner.

Advantages of scale rental:

  • High-quality machinery available fast.
  • Affordable rental payments.
  • If your scale breaks, we can install a rental while you're waiting for repairs.
  • Short term solution to fill a production gap. For example, if your company is doing inventory, renting one or more scales would help speed up this process.
  • When you only need a scale temporarily and it doesn't make buying a scale economically viable, renting is a great alternative. For example, a small farm may want to get the weight of animals before a show.
To learn more about sales and rentals of industrial scales, please contact us today. High-quality industrial scales can expand the quality and productive capacity of operations. Get the right equipment to enhance customer satisfaction and customer loyalty from a trusted business partner.