Ocean State Scale & Balance


Scale Types

Bench Scale

Bench Scales

Bench scales are compact, industrial scales excellent for high accuracy in demanding environments. These scales offer solutions that are ideal for areas where space is limited but fast, accurate readings are necessary. They are often used in quality control, digital counting applications, parcel shipping, factory filling, and similar applications.
Counting Scale

Counting Scales

Counting scales are digital scales that are used to count a large quantity of items very quickly. Typically, users enter product details like the “Average Piece Weight” (or a sample) of an individual unit, and the scale uses this to compute a count of parts based on the total weight.
Crane Scale

Crane Scales

Crane scales, sometimes called dynamometers, are scales designed to weigh items lifted by a crane. There are a wide variety of these types of scales, but large crane scales are typically designed to weigh heavy loads. This is particularly handy when loading freight for shipping, or when moving goods in warehouses and similar locations. Advanced versions of cranes scales use a digital readout that can immediately give easy-read results for pounds or kilograms on demand or on a hand held device.
Floor Scale

Floor Scales

Floor or platform scales are made to work in industrial environments. These scales can typically weigh the heaviest of loads, with the largest able to weigh up to 30,000 pounds or more. The most common capacities are 1000, 2000 or 5000 lbs.

Typically, floor scales are interfaced with digital indicators that can display weight and other information quickly, and then automatically incorporate the information into a data management system.
Forklift Scale

Forklift Scales

Using a forklift to transfer cargo from a warehouse to a floor scale, and then to another destination, wastes time, money and floor space. Now you can weigh, transfer and collect data in one efficient operation and reassign the space previously occupied by the floor scale. These scales are also useful when work spaces don’t allow room for a floor scale.
Pocket Scale

Handheld & Pocket Scales

As the name suggests, these scales are small enough to be carried around or slipped into your pocket as needed. These scales have a variety of uses in many different industries. Jewelers frequently use them to easily weigh gold or jewelry when making purchases or trade-ins. Smaller businesses may use scales to measure letters before posting them so that they know how much postage is going to cost. Some pharmacies may also use handheld scales to measure the weight of tablets or other types of medication accurately and quickly. Chefs and chemistry labs may also prefer these scales for versatile, on the spot measurements. Larger versions may even be used for measuring luggage when traveling.
Lab Scale

Lab Scales

Lab scales, typically called balances, are extremely precise scales that are most commonly found in laboratories and similar locations where very accurate measurements are regularly required. These scales usually focus on measuring mass, which is necessary for detailed chemical analysis, and vary in how specific they can get.
Medical Scale

Medical Scales

Medical scales help doctors, nurses and nursing home / rehabilitation professionals to measure the weight of their patients. These simple scales come in a wide variety of forms, based on what the medical facility decides is best for the patient. Some are affordable step-on scales with a basic digital readout. Some combine a height and weight measuring feature. Others may include accessibility features like ramps and handholds or wheel chare scales so that elderly patients can use them more easily. Similar scales also exist in the veterinary industry.
Pallet Jack Scale

Pallet Jack Scales

Weigh and transport pallets in one streamlined process with our pallet jack scales. Easy to use, they offer maximum precision for tracking shipping and receiving weights. Battery power keeps the weighing and transport process moving, while the integrated digital indicator provides a clear weight readout in any lighting condition. With a digital pallet jack scale, material handling is faster and more efficient for your warehouse.
Retail Scale

Retail Scales

Retail scales are used in grocery stores and similar environments. In grocery stores, the most common example is buying meats, fruits and vegetables, where items are priced according to weight as they are scanned. For many advanced scales of this type, weighing and label creation are combined in the same device.
Truck Scale

Truck & Rail Scales

Truck scales are large capacity scales designed to weigh trucks, heavy equipment, or rail cars. Applications include landfills, asphalt and cement plants and transfer stations. Other types of truck scales include Wheel Weighers, typically used by law enforcement to make sure overloaded trucks are not using our roadways. These portable truck scales can be used where a permanent scale installation isn't practical.
Scale Printer

Scale Peripherals

Equipment such as printers and scanners can be attached to digital scales to allow for inputting data or printing weigh tickets or labels.